Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tithing by Douglas LeBlanc

Each chapter of this book was supposedly a different person's view of tithing. However, after the first couple chapters, I had a hard time relating the mini-biographies of the people to their tithing comments.

But here are a few points I enjoyed:
Several times Malachi 3:10 was mentioned ("Test me in this").
Randy Alcorn explains, "...if you take the standard of ten percent and say God required it of the poorest people in Old Testament Israel, and now that we're under the grace of Jesus and we have the indwelling Holy Spirit and we live in this incredibly affluent culture, do you think her would expect *less* of us?"
In the chapter on Ed Bacon, in relation to tithing he says, "I have no desire to stop. It's what we're supposed to be doing. It is one of the most simple and direct ways of discovering an up close and personal God."
This was the second book I got for free from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for writing a review.