Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Akeelah's Bee

Akeelah's Bee is a great underdog story about a girl working her way up to the Scripp's National Spelling Bee. Since we had just watched the actual Scripp's Spelling Bee a couple weeks ago, this was of great interest to all of us. We were glued to the movie, many (sentimental) tears were shed, and (hopefully) we learned the benefit of perseverance!
Just as a warning, there are a couple of spots with foul language that I wish they would have omitted.

Thunder Shirt

Sophie has never liked loud noises. But for some reason this year the fireworks were driving her crazy! Pacing and yelping and trembling. And this was the weekend before the Fourth! This was just from some little neighborhood fire crackers. So we invested in a Thunder Shirt. We figured if it doesn't work we would just take advantage of the money back guarantee.
So the next night before the fireworks could get started we got Sophie dressed in her Thunder Shirt. She immediately laid down and went to sleep! Of course there weren't fireworks that night! The next night the fireworks started, Sophie began trembling and pacing, we put on the Thunder Shirt, and she relaxed. She still kind of looked around like, "I wonder what this is" but she really didn't care. Since then, we have dressed her with the Thunder Shirt for more fireworks and for a thunderstorm. I LOVE this Thunder Shirt and so does Sophie!