Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids

Through the BookLook program, I was provided Book 2 from The Good News Shoes series, Riley Mae and the Ready Eddy Rapids, by Jill Osborne. My son read this book in a day or two and asked when we could get more - five stars for sure!

When Riley Mae begs her parents to sign a shoe contract with Swiftriver, she finds herself traveling all over the country. She even gets to meet four cool kids from Africa - one, named Sunday, is battling leukemia. In the traveling, even though it is fun, Riley struggles to find her faith in God. Riley's best friend, Rusty, flies out to surprise her in Montana. While in Montana, Riley has a photo shoot to do while going down the rapids but she loses her raft and gets stuck at the bottom of the river! Will she make it out alive? Will Sunday survive leukemia? And what about her faith in God in the middle of this?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Samantha Sanderson On the Scene

Samantha Sanderson On the Scene is Book 2 in this faiThGirLz! series. It was provided to me through the BookLook (formerly BookSneeze) program and Zonderkidz Publishers in exchange for an honest review. I chose this book since I read book 1, At the Movies, and wanted to continue the enjoyment of this series.
In book 2 Sam is continuing her work on the school newspaper and still trying to work her way up to editor, despite the current editor's dislike for Sam. This time her series is about bullying, encouraged by the bullying she sees happening to a classmate. But Sam isn't happy just writing about bullying and how to prevent it - she wants to solve the mystery of who the bully is. But can she do all that
sleuthing under good conscience? Or legally? Will her and her friend's search cause more problems? On top of this newspaper and detective work, there may be a major change happening in her own family...

I rated book 1 five stars but I enjoyed book 2 even more. There were some tense parts in the book that made it hard to put down. I believe any tween/teen would love reading this series. And although the books tie together with characters, I don't think anyone would be lost picking up book 2 before book 1.