Friday, February 6, 2009


I just finished a captivating book, "Modoc The True Story of the Greatest Elephant That Ever Lived." There were two pages I dog-eared because I just liked them. I thought I would share:

"Nature hears one voice and obeys it. That is why ten or ten thousand birds may rise from the surface of a lake at the same time and yet never touch one another. Man hears only his own voice. He constantly bumps into another." (p. 143)
Not that I'm one of those "one with nature" girls or that I am Hindu (as the person who said this is) but it just seemed very profound to me. As humans, we are so selfish and so busy worrying and thinking about ourselves that we bump into things. Birds listen to others and therefore can rise at the same time without collision...

"Oh, from time to time, I think about them all and what happened, but it's in the past now and the past gives us our strength, so to be sad about gaining strength is not very wise, is it?" (p. 275)
I just thought this was a good way to look at life. I'm not saying to ignore the past or to not ever feel sad, especially when there is very good reason to be sad, but that positive outlook is amazing! (I'm trying...)

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