Wednesday, May 25, 2011

23 Things You DON'T Need to Buy

This was a fun article with lots of great hints from the All You Magazine. Things like:
  • instead of buying wall filler, use white toothpaste.
  • use white bread to clean wallpaper.
  • use salt to remove hardwater stains
  • use White-Out instead of appliance paint for the little nicks.
  • use a banana peel to remove scuff marks on leather (shoes, furniture).
  • use olive oil to remove oil-based paint from your skin.
  • spray weeds with vinegar to kill them in the cracks.
  • use vinegar to kill germs in the bathroom.
  • use baking soda to clean the barbecue grill.
And my favorite:
  • Use a pillow case to clean fan blades - the dust stays in the pillowcase instead of flying around the room! :)

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