Friday, January 25, 2013

An Amish Kitchen

I received this book on my nook from BookSneeze in exchange for an honest review. The subtitle is Three Sweet Stories to Nourish Your Soul. But it isn't just that; it also includes a reading group guide, recipes from the three novellas, as well as the herbal remedies used by Fern Zook, one of the characters, who finds her way into each story. But please note that the three stories are independent of each other.
The first novella, A Taste of Faith by Kelly Long, uses Fern Zook as the main character. She is twenty years old and lives with her grandmother. They are the 'go-to' home for herbal remedies and the story revolves around her life and growing independence. I enjoyed this story but thought it ended too abruptly and was very rushed at the end.
The second novella, A Spoonful of Love by Amy Clipston, also revolves around a young lady and her growing independence. This one, Hannah Kling, is running the family's bed and breakfast. She is trying to prove to her parents that she is capable of handling the B&B, even when a young Amish man comes to stay. Again, I enjoyed the story but wished it would have continued.
The third, and final, novella was my favorite. A Recipe for Hope by Beth Wiseman is about a family with three teenage boys, all in their rumschpringe, or running around years. The mom, Eve Bender, struggles with being good enough for her own mom, especially while raising three 'wild' boys. The story shows the ups and downs of two generations trying to interact and respect each other. There are some interesting twists in this story which makes it hard to put down. Again, I wish this would have been longer and not rushed at the end.
Four stars.

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