Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Rainbow Egg by Linda K. Hendricks

This book was provided to me through the BookSneeze program in exchange for an honest review. I have mixed feelings on this book.
The story is analogous to international adoption. It is based on this chicken who lives in the woods with many other animals. This chicken is very happy being in the woods even though she has talked to chickens who live in chicken coops. One day this chicken realizes she has laid an egg. But because of her living conditions it becomes a burden to take care of this egg she has laid.
Meanwhile there is a chicken couple in the chicken house who wants to lay an egg but cannot. They try all sorts of ways - on their backs, on their heads (pictures included...).
As you can predict, the chicken who is burdened with the egg gives her egg to the couple who wants an egg. Very sweet as the chicken struggles with her love for the egg (and chick to come) but knowing she cannot take care of it in the woods.
In the midst of this story there is a redbird who sings and guides them in their decisions. That part was kind of random and after reading the book three times I decided the redbird is analogous to God but in a way as to not offend people...
Three stars.

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