Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wii Active

I splurged a couple weeks ago and bought Wii Active. I rationalized it by saying I'm done paying the monthly fee for Curves and only two months of Curves pays for this. (I haven't been using Curves because I don't have childcare beyond my work hours...) Wii Active is very fun! There is a lot of strength training and cardio. It is a great workout each time. You get a personal trainer that encourages you as you work out. Right now Chris and I are doing the "30 Day Challenge" which adds different activities each day and tracks calories burned, etc.
There are some frustrating parts of Wii Active though (but it is still COMPLETELY worth it). If you don't have the nunchuk held in your hand just right, you might get "yelled" at for not doing the exercise correctly. Or if you stop to wipe the sweat (boy, do you sweat with this!), it "yells" at you. But overall, it is a great workout! We can do it at home rain or shine, under a ceiling fan, and without childcare!

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