Sunday, August 9, 2009

Homeschooling A Family's Journey

Another book I am reading right now is Homeschooling A Family's Journey. I just started this book about a family who never set out to homeschool but ended up homeschooling for several reasons, one so far that has really struck a chord with us. (Yes, we are homeschooling this year.) I will probably add to this post often so if it shows up at the top of my blog again, that's why!
Here are some quotes that we relate to all too well:
"But when we asked the teacher what kind of help she thought our daughter needed to improve she said, 'Why would you want to improve her performance? She's above average, isn't she?'"

Here is a part of the story they told when a test their daughter took had an obviously correct answer marked wrong:

"Yes, the answer is correct. But that's a fourth-grade answer, and your daughter is only in the second grade. She isn't supposed to know that yet."

And another quote, this one in regards to the parents' decision to homeschool:

"...that we could do worse than fail - we could refuse to try."

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