Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Games

As promised, here are some fun summer game ideas! I found these in the FAMILY FUN magazine from June 2008. I'm pretty I'll plan these to be used at my husband's staff picnic in a couple weeks, assuming it will be hot outside!
(#1) Frozen T-Shirt Contest
Gather up as many t-shirts as you will have contestants, soak with water, wring out, fold, and stack on a cookie sheet with waxed paper separating them, and place in the freezer. Hand out the shirts for a race to see who can get the frozen shirt on first!

(#2) Fill It Up
Have teams of two ready to fill up a cup holding a ping pong ball. Have the team members stand six feet apart and, using spray bottles, spray water into their team members cup until the ping pong ball floats out. Be sure to have buckets of water handy for refills!

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