Saturday, March 16, 2013


You know that feeling when you just "hit the wall" with fatigue, aches, and chills? I had heard that this 'Oscillococcinum' was the wonder drug for that. Although it isn't really a drug - it is a homeopathic medicine with zero side effects. I have always been a bit leery of homeopathic remedies (I'm not sure why I trust man-made chemicals more than the natural stuff???). I had heard so many great things about this from different people that I rushed out to buy it when my son 'hit the wall' and came down with a fever after dinner one night about six weeks ago. 
There are these little vials (pictured in the bottom right corner on the box) packed in groups of three in the box. You take three vials, one every six hours. Inside each vial looks like large salt crystals - like you see on hot pretzels. These crystal-like things are tasteless and dissolve in your mouth. And they work! My son's fever broke overnight and he was just a little puny the next day and perfectly fine the next.
So then this week when my husband 'hit the wall,' I pulled out the Oscillococcinum again - but this time not until the morning after his 'crash.' He slept most of that day, his fever broke, and then he was almost back to normal.
Now I suppose these 'bugs' could have just been the 24-hour variety and the Oscilloccinum didn't really do anything... but others who have had the same thing this winter who didn't take Oscilloccinum have been down and out for several days, and close to a week in some cases. So now I am a believer in what we call 'the ossy-oxy-stuff'. (You can hear how to really say it here.)

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