Sunday, March 24, 2013

Removing Water Spots

Do you have water spots ruining the beauty of your wood furniture? Our dining room table - which I love - was really starting to show its wear and tear. Lots of little scratches and nicks are visible but the numerous water spots are what was really causing it to look bad. I tried polishing it. I tried the mayonnaise trick. (Pinterest fail.) Twice. I gave up...
...until I saw another idea on Pinterest: Use a hair dryer! It worked!!! I am so excited! I wish I would have taken a before picture of the whole table because I got rid of at least eight water spots. Three were rather large - like this one:
Be patient. This takes a while - like twenty minutes. But that is still less time than refinishing even a tiny piece of furniture! On high, I put my hair dryer close to the spot.
Once I realized this was working - slowly - I grabbed a book to read while holding the hair dryer. I definitely recommend having something to do that still allows you to rotate hair-dryer-holding-hands easily and doesn't require any kind of listening.
Keep the hair dryer close to the spot and be patient!
Ta da! The spot is gone!
When you are done, moisturize the wood. I used olive oil.

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